How can I improve my “Alexa Rank” ?

You can increase your site’s Alexa Rank significantly using Meta Redirect or any other kind of redirect on the Same Page. Every redirect will count as a Page View and thus contributing towards Better Alexa Rank. Meta Redirect on Same Page. Meta redirect code goes inside the …. tags of your HTML.

To redirect to a page, the syntax is nearly the same:

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”20;url=” />

Here the number 20 is the time, in seconds, after which the page should be redirected. Then separated by a semi-colon (;) is the URL that should be loaded.

You can adjust the time so that a visitor does not get too annoyed. After all you need the traffic. Make sure you redirect to the same page.

Keep In Mind:
Meta redirect on same page have some drawbacks. Refreshing the current page can confuse people. If they didn’t request the reload, some people can get concerned about security.

You may find the above technique an Unfair Game. Here are some tips for you to Improve Alexa Rank in Fair Way:

  • Install the Alexa Toolbar on your computer. Everytime you visit your own site will be counted for you Alexa Ranking.
  • Get your Friends sign up for Alexa.
  • Put an Alexa widget on your site. Every click will be considered as a unique visit contributing towards improving your Alexa Ranking.
  • Join Social Networking sites . Number of visitors is an important factor for improve your Alexa Ranking.
  • Recommend your visitors use Alexa toolbar. As Alexa uses data collected from Alexa Toolbars this will greatly contribute Improving your Alexa Ranking.
  •  Join AutoSurf programs. Learn more about auto serf from

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